Solar powered security light installation in Reading

solar security light installation

Solar powered security light installation in Reading. This was done for one of our regular customers in Reading.

The light features 3 light panels which can be adjusted to cover 180 degrees, 1 motion detector and 1 solar panel which was installed on the side of the house because their garden doesn’t get much sun.

Installation is quick and easy, solar panel cable length is around 4m long so if your garden is not South facing then you can also install it on the side of your property which gets more sun. Just use some cable clips to make it safe, neat and tidy and enjoy your new gadget. This light, although relatively cheap is surprisingly powerful, motion sensor covers the entire garden and it even triggers when someone comes close to the garage door which is on the other side of the fence. We installed it quite high just for that reason so that it can be triggered from the other side of the gate where the garage door is.

If you need help with minor electrical works in Reading then feel free to contact us with your requirements. We can change lights, switches, sockets and much more. Contact Reading Handyman security light installation


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