Patio pressure washed in Caversham, Reading

Patio cleaned in Caversham

Patio washed in Caversham. Another very satisfied customer 👌 – Even without any chemicals this patio ended up looking amazing after we pressure washed it. The homeowner wasn’t too keen on chemicals because there are lots of plants around and was worried how the chemicals might affect them.

We use chemicals only when it’s safe to do so. Bear in mind that black lichen spots cannot be removed without chemicals. Your patio will still look amazing after we pressure wash it but if you are OCD about tiny black spots that live in your patio then the only way to kill them is to use chemicals. Chemicals are optional and we always advise the client about the pros and cons before we start the cleaning process.

Service: Patio cleaning
Location: Caversham, Reading

Patio cleaned in Caversham


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