Geberit flush valves replaced in Central Reading

toilet flush valve replacement in Reading

2 Geberit flush valves replaced in concealed toilet cisterns in Central Reading. It seems that all new build homes in Reading and the surrounding areas use Geberit concealed cisterns. Over the past few years whenever people from new build homes call our handymen to fix their toilet cistern problems it turns out they all have Geberit concealed cisterns. Kennet Island homes and flats, Central Reading flats next to Q Car Park and new build homes in Shinfield and Wokingham all have Geberit cisterns installed.

In this particular case, this flat in Central Reading had 2 toilets where both of them kept running after you flush. The silicone seal ring was fine but they were covered in limescale and unable to operate properly. New tenants were supposed to move in a day later so the issues had to be rectified asap. Descaling those flush valves properly wasn’t feasible so we replaced both of them. To prevent further limescale problems we also took out intake valves and descaled them.

If your intake valves get stuck due to a limescale buildup you will end up with an overflow problem. If you fancy doing some plumbing yourself then see this article where our plumber explains how to replace Geberit flush valves in concealed toilet cisterns. Descaling parts can take a long time and no plumber will offer this as a service because time is money but if you are doing it yourself and can leave your parts to descale overnight in citric acid then you will save yourself a lot of money and learn something along the way.

You won’t find spare flush valves or intake valves for concealed toilet cisterns in your local DIY store. You can get silicone rings from Screwfix but for some reason, no one¬†stocks Geberit flush valves in this area. Find out what part/model number you need and order it online.
toilet flush valve replacement in Reading

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