Shed re-felting in Lower Early

Reading Handyman offers shed refelting as a service and in most cases can offer a fixed price based on the shed size you provide.

This particular shed was refelted in Early, Reading and as most sheds it was inaccessible on 2 sides because of the surrounding walls.

Lack of access space when it comes to refelting your shed is a major factor when it comes to pricing. As shed roofs are usually not strong enough to walk on we need to find a way to secure the felt on all sides without damaging the supporting plywood. In this case we created a “platform” over it with 4 fold ladders and were able to nail the felt everywhere.

We only use heavy duty felt but are happy to use felt you provide. We can source Green and Red mineral felt only. If you need any other colour you will need to source it yourself.

10m roll of felt is usually enough to re-felt most UK garden sheds. You can get 4 2.5m lengths from it which is usually enough to cover most small to medium size sheds.

Should you re-felt or replace your shed? it all depends on what your objective is. If the shed is rotten (base especially) then it would be worth replacing because the repair job would not be feasible. If the shed is structurally sound and it just needs new felt then why spend thousands on a new shed when you can have it re-felted for the fraction of the price of the new shed.

If you are buying a new shed then think about replacing it with a plastic shed from Keter or Lifetime because they are very good quality and will last much longer with no maintenance required.

We also assemble sheds, whether  they are wooden, plastic or metal shed we assemble them all.

Shed re-felting in Lower Early, Reading




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