Shed re-felting in Reading

Tenants complained about the shed roof leaking. Felt was held in place by bricks and blocks when we arrived. Their landlord immediately asked if we could fix it and here are the results. Every landlord should be like this. Happy tenants = happy landlords.

Unfortunately, the tenants left it too long before they notified the landlord so their bikes were all rusty and ready for the tip.

We only use heavy duty felt but are happy to use felt you provide. We can source Green and Red mineral felt only. If you need any other colour you will need to source it yourself.

We offer shed painting, refelting and assembly service across Reading. Contact us today with your requirements

Shed refelting service: Location Universty area – Reading

shed refelting before after shed refelting shed refelting


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  1. Rob Mackie

    Shed roof and floor redone.