Split hollow doors repair in Lower Early

Split hollow doors? Not a problem, don’t replace them, we can fix them with special plugs and screws. Broken door successfully repaired and re-hanged in Lower Earley, Reading.

It turns out that 3 different handymen tried to fix this door  – it would be OK for a few weeks then the screws come out again, every time the screws come out they just use bigger screws – that would work in solid doors but not on hollow ones.

We were called to do some regrouting in this property and the owner asked us how much would it cost to replace the door. Upon inspection, it was obvious that no amount of screws will hold the hinges in place because the door has split + it’s a hollow door so there is no support behind it. Our handyman decided to give it a go and repair it for our customer.

Existing holes were enlarged to 7mm and special plugs and screws were used to secure the hinges back into place together with concealed screws going right through the door to hold the 2 halves together. Total time: less than 30minutes. Happy customer happy handyman.

Hollow doors

Hollow doors are common in homes due to their lightweight construction and affordability. However, they can be prone to damage such as dents, holes, or cracks from accidental impacts. Repairing a hollow door can restore its appearance and functionality without the need for replacement.

Split hollow door repair in Lower Early, Reading

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