Running Toilet – flush valve replacement in Caversham

Toilet flush valve replacement in Caversham, Reading

This is one of those plumbing jobs that we get to do often. You flush your toilet and the water keeps running? Flush valve is either completely broken or there is some limescale build-up

Flush valves are relatively easy to replace and we get to do this at least once a week. Most of the time the problem will be due to a limescale build-up whereby the valve cannot close properly after it flushes.

If you want to repair it yourself you can try taking the valve off, put it in a bucket with hot water and citric acid overnight to descale it. For plumbers, it’s just not feasible to offer you that because it takes so much time to descale those parts. New flush valves cost only between £14-18 so it’s easier just to replace them.

Concealed toilet cistern – Flush Valves

Flush valves for concealed toilet cisterns cost a lot more and in most cases will need to be ordered online because your local hardware stores don’t stock them

Also depending on the model, some flush valves have a silicone ring that can be replaced which costs only £4 in Screwfix so you don’t need to replace the whole valve and take everything apart.

If your toilet is running and overflowing then you might need to adjust or replace the inlet valve. Inlet valve controls the water level in your toilet cistern. (bottom left image)

If you are looking for someone to fix your running or overflowing toilet cistern then look no further, contact Reading Handyman today

Toilet flush valve replacement in Caversham, Reading


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