Cold water tank – ballcock valve replacement in Reading

ballcock valve replacement in Reading

We were recently called to fix an overflow problem in West Reading. Customer’s overflow pipe was constantly running and it turned out the ballcock valve needed replacing because the tank was constantly overflowing. Upon inspection, it was immediately clear that the valve needs replacing. A quick trip to Screwfix and 15 minutes later that ballcock valve was replaced.

The customer mentioned that this is the third time they are replacing this cold water tank ballcock valve. We didn’t ask over how many years but it looks like whoever was called last time to fix it they never replaced the actual valve – they just bent the brass rod to put more pressure on the valve to lower the water level. If the valve is not dripping then you can adjust the rod/ball but if you see it leaking when shut no amount of adjusting will fix it – it’s time to replace it. Judging by the amount of limescale (see pic below) it was probably changed back in 1964.

If you employ someone to do something for you always ask to see the old/broken parts or you might end up getting “quick fixes” and charged for “replacements”.

If you are in need of a plumber in Reading and surrounding don’t hesitate to contact Reading Handyman. We can help with most domestic plumbing issues such as dripping taps, running toilet cisterns and more.

Location: West Reading
Handyman Service: Plumbing

ballcock valve replacement in Reading


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