TV wall mounted in Caversham

tv wall mounting in Caversham, Reading

TV wall mounted in Caversham, Reading. Today we installed this TV wall mount bracket in Reading for one of our regular customers. The installation was simple and fast. The walls were solid with no hidden wires or pipes so it was just a case of drilling 4 holes and securing the bracket with heavy-duty screws and plugs.

TV wall mounting in Reading is the latest and newest handyman service that we decided to offer to our customers. After seeing how much leading retailers charge for TV mounting service we knew that we could offer exactly the same service for almost half the price and that we could do it better.

We introduced it because it allows us to meet local people who might decide to use our other handyman services in the future. Typical TV Wall mounting takes around an hour. Cables and wires can either be trunked or hidden inside walls. It’s worth noting if you want to route all the wires and cables behind plasterboard this service will take a lot longer and cost significantly more.

Our TV mounting service offers professional and secure installation of televisions on walls or ceilings, enhancing your viewing experience and creating a sleek, space-saving setup. Our skilled handymen handle every aspect of the installation process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

Contact your local handyman today for a free no obligation quote. We can also install your TV, connect all devices, connect it to your router at home and much more.

tv wall mounting in Caversham, Reading


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