External house painting in Reading

External house painting in Reading. This house is in Tilehurst, Reading. It’s rented out through estate agents but Reading Handyman manages all of the repairs and provides property maintenance. Our long-term client asked us to paint one of their houses in Reading. They wanted us to fix all the cracks, remove loose paint, remove ivy from the walls and finally paint the house. As an added bonus we also painted soffit boards – that wasn’t part of our deal but why not do it when we are up there.

If there was a reward for good landlords then this landlady should receive that reward because as soon as tenants report a problem she addresses it. Not only that but she is also very proactive in a sense that she maintains her properties to the highest standard. So far we have changed kitchen worktops, stretched carpets, carried out mortar repairs around windows and doors, changed kitchen taps, external painting, front door painting, bath panel replaced and more.

External house painting

External house painting and maintenance involve refreshing and protecting the exterior surfaces of a home. This includes power washing, repairing damaged areas, caulking gaps, and applying a fresh coat of paint or stain. Regular maintenance preserves the home’s appearance and structural integrity while enhancing curb appeal and property value.

We also get to speak to their tenants when we do the work and they are always very impressed with the level of service they get. Unfortunately for every good landlord, there are 2 bad ones out there that just don’t care about their tenant’s needs or their properties.

Are you looking for a painter in Reading? Feel free to contact Reading Handyman with your requirements. We would love to have you on board.

external house painting


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