Argos Kaycie bunk bed furniture assembly in Reading

Argos bunk bed furniture assembly in Reading

Argos HOME Kaycie Single and Double Bunk Bed Frame assembly in Caversham, Reading. Great quality bunk bed, very sturdy but needlessly complicated assembly process. It took our handyman nearly 3 hours to assemble this bed. If you are going to assemble this bed yourself then there are a few things you should know beforehand.

  1. None of the parts are labelled and because of it, you will need a tape measure to make sure that you are using the right parts (measurements are included in the manual)
  2. Do not attempt assembly unless you have a battery powered drill/driver with hex and Phillips bits. There are over 60 long screws (Allen key) that need screwing and if you do it manually with a supplied Allen key you will probably not finish assembly for a very long time.
  3. All the slats also need securing with screws (Phillips head)
  4. Argos says it’s a 2 person job. One person can easily do it – you don’t need 2 people for this job.
  5. Everything comes in one box – take all the parts out and work out which parts correspond to which number in the manual. Also, make sure you have lots of free space around you when you start

Argos bunk bed assembly

Argos bunk bed assembly involves carefully following the provided instructions and using basic tools to ensure a safe and secure construction. The process typically begins with unpacking and organizing the components, identifying individual parts, and familiarizing oneself with the assembly steps. Depending on the model, assembly may involve attaching bed frames, securing guardrails and ladder, and installing slats or mattresses.

It’s important to pay attention to details such as alignment and tightening screws or bolts to the recommended specifications. Additionally, ensuring the stability and safety of the bunk bed is paramount, especially considering it will be used by children. Once assembled, a thorough inspection should be conducted to confirm that all parts are securely fastened and the bed is level and sturdy.

We provide professional assembly services so if you lack the time or expertise to assemble the bunk bed please get in touch with Reading Handyman. With proper assembly, an Argos bunk bed provides a functional and space-saving sleeping solution for children’s rooms or guest bedrooms, offering comfort and convenience while maximizing floor space.

If you get stuck you can always contact Reading Handyman. Our flatpack furniture assembly service is the most requested service so sit back and relax and let our handyman do the hard work for you.

Argos bunk bed furniture assembly in Reading

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