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patio cleaning in twyford berkshire

Swimming pool patio cleaning! It took us a while to do this job because the property was completely neglected and disused for years but the end result is amazing. This Berkshire patio cleaning project took us about 4 hours to complete and no cleaning chemicals were used for this project.

We only used some water provided by the customer and our trusted commercial petrol powered pressure washer.

Whilst patio cleaning should be pretty easy and straightforward on this occasion there were some minor challenges. First, we couldn’t locate the stopcock which controls the taps in the garden because it was hidden in a badly overgrown garden. Then when we eventually found it, it turns out the water pressure is really low and our water barrel couldn’t be filled fast enough. Of course, that didn’t stop us from finishing this patio cleaning job. Intake hoses on our machine have a filter which allows us to use water from anywhere. In this case, we used water straight from the swimming pool. Yes, it was a bit stinky and green but it did the job. We rinsed everything with clean water afterwards.

Patio Cleaning: Water supply

With no running water, we almost gave up. The new owners had no idea where the stopcock valve was or how the swimming pool pumps operate. Luckily we managed to find it hidden in front of that shed covered with stinging nettles and builders rubbish.

Patio Cleaning: Remove Weeds

We removed as many weeds as possible by hand prior to commencing the job. We also had to move a heavy BBQ/Fire pit table and some plant pots

Raw Power
The property owner didn’t want to use any chemicals so the only option was to use our petrol powered commercial pressure washer. We knew we’ll be able to restore this patio to its former glory without any chemicals but were surprised to see this beautiful patio area hiding underneath all that grime.

We received a phone call the next day from a very satisfied customer who, like us, couldn’t believe that this beautiful patio existed under all that dirt.

If you are looking for a patio and driveway cleaning services in Reading and surrounding areas then please do not hesitate to contact us. We clean patios, driveways, decking areas, footpaths, garden furniture, walls and more.

Location: Twyford,Reading
Handyman Services: Patio cleaning

patio cleaning in twyford berkshire



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