Newhome electric oven repair in Reading

newhome oven repair in Reading

Another oven successfully repaired in Reading. This Newhome oven needed a new heating element which our handyman sourced and replaced in no time. Is your electric oven not working properly? Send us a message with make and model number and we’ll let you know how much the repair will cost. Please describe the problem you are having with your oven when you message us.  For example fan not working, not heating, overheating etc. We provide minor electrical services in and around Reading, Berkshire and can fix and troubleshoot most electric ovens.

Oven heating element replacement

The oven heating element is a crucial component in electric ovens, responsible for generating the heat needed for cooking or baking. Typically located at the bottom or top of the oven cavity, it consists of a metal coil or ribbon made from materials like nickel-chromium alloy. When electricity flows through the heating element, it converts electrical energy into heat through resistance, thereby raising the temperature inside the oven.

These heating elements come in different shapes and sizes to fit various oven models, with some ovens featuring multiple heating elements for different cooking functions. For instance, conventional ovens typically have a single heating element at the bottom, while convection ovens may have additional elements for circulating hot air.

Over time, oven heating elements can wear out due to factors like high temperatures, frequent use, or physical damage. Signs of a faulty heating element include uneven cooking, longer cooking times, or failure to heat up at all. In such cases, it’s important to replace the heating element to restore the oven’s functionality and ensure consistent cooking results.

Replacing an oven heating element is a relatively straightforward task, often requiring basic tools and DIY skills. However, it’s essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and safety precautions to avoid electrical hazards and ensure proper installation. A properly functioning heating element is essential for efficient cooking and baking in electric ovens, making it a critical component for culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.

Please note that Reading Handyman don’t repair gas ovens so please don’t contact us about that. Due to gas rules and regulations you will need a gas certified person

newhome oven repair in Reading


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