TRX mount installation in Caversham

trx mount installation reading

This is one of those odd handyman jobs that we do which we can’t place into any trade category. A personal trainer who runs her own small fitness business in her home gym in Caversham, Reading asked us to come up with a solution for their TRX suspension straps. The solution had to be secure and hold 100+ KG of weight without damaging the ceiling and it had to be installed right in the middle of the studio. We sourced this heavy duty suspension strap mount and went there to install it. The customer was concerned that it won’t be strong enough and was worried that the ceiling might get damaged if it falls out. We used a stud finder device and located the beam that runs across the ceiling and secured the mount plate with 2 heavy duty wood lag bolts. We also demonstrated that it can hold more weight than required.

trx mount installation reading


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