Sliding wardrobe doors repair in Southcote, Reading

sliding wardrobe door repair in Reading

Sliding doors repair in Southcote, Reading. An elderly lady asked us to provide a quote to demolish this wardrobe and build a new wardrobe with inbuilt storage and sliding doors.

The door was stuck, sliders and runners broken and she just wanted “something that works”. Upon inspection our handyman asked if he could fix the door and runners would she still want to replace the hole thing? She said that other carpenters and handymen came to see it and they could not source the parts. We were more than happy to quote her for the new wardrobe but we knew deep down that this can be fixed. We asked her to wait a few days to see if we can source the parts and if we couldn’t then we would build one for her.

The initial Google searches returned nothing similar, then we uploaded some pictures and did an image search for similar images and Bingo – we found the parts we were looking for. The problem was the company that makes them only sells their products in Canada and they don’t ship it to Europe.

Armed with part numbers and descriptions we managed to order compatible parts from Germany and 10 days later our handyman disassembled parts of the wardrobe, replaced wheels and runners and saved this lovely lady lots of money because once again her sliding doors were operating without any problems thanks to our handyman’s investigative skills.

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Location: Southcote, Reading
Handyman Services: Odd jobs

sliding wardrobe door repair in Reading


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