Premium TV stand flat pack assembly

We took this furniture assembly job on a short notice and even though our handyman was busy elsewhere he went out of his way to help our customer in Shinfield, Reading by assembling this AVF Affinity Premium Burghley TV stand from John Lewis for her.

With its sleek half-moon shape, shiny finish and versatile storage options, this TV stand is sure to make your home entertainment system sparkle. It features ventilated metal back panel and a mounting column compatibility. With both open-or-closed storage and remote-friendly safety glass, you’ll keep your gear out of sight and still be able to operate it.

Flatpack assembly involves unpacking and organizing components, following provided instructions, and utilizing basic tools like screwdrivers and hammers. It typically consists of connecting pieces through screws, bolts, or other fasteners, often without the need for specialized skills. Careful assembly ensures structural stability and functionality, transforming flatpack furniture into fully assembled pieces ready for use in homes or offices.

Assembly takes around 1h to complete.

Location: Shinfield, Reading
Handyman Service: Flatpack assembly

AVF Affinity Premium Burghley TV cabinet assembly


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