2 bunk beds assembled in Reading

flatpack bunk bed assembly tilehurst reading

Here we have 2 gorgeous looking bunk beds that we assembled recently in Tilehurst, Reading. Both of them are Marcinek bunk beds and whilst the blue bed was easy to assemble the red one was needlessly complicated.

Assembly instructions are not clear and the assembly process is needlessly complicated. To assemble the red Marcinek bunk bed you will definitely need 2 people and lots of free space in the room where you are assembling it.

Both bunk beds feature stairs with built in drawers and hidden storage/draws on wheels under each bed.

The Red bed also comes with lots of shelf storage space which is hidden with 3 sliding doors – nice feature but again the assembly process could be so much simpler.

Bunk beds

Marcinek bunk beds offer versatile and space-saving sleeping solutions for children’s rooms or guest bedrooms. With sturdy construction and modern design, they provide safety rails for the upper bunk and optional storage drawers or trundle beds for added functionality.

Marcinek bunk beds are available in various sizes and finishes to suit different decor styles, making them a practical and stylish choice for any home. Whether for sleepovers or everyday use, these bunk beds maximize floor space while providing comfortable and secure sleeping arrangements for multiple occupants.

We offer flatpack furniture assembly services in Reading, Wokingham and surrounding areas. If you need help with your flatpack furniture then please get in touch.

flatpack bunk bed assembly tilehurst reading


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