Wardrobe assembly in Wokingham

flatpack wardrobe assembly in Wokingham

Our wardrobe assembly services seem to be really popular nowadays. We assemble flatpacks at least once a week. In this particular instance, we spent 2.5 days assembling flatpack wardrobes, desks and cabinets from IKEA.

The main problem when assembling really tall wardrobes is the lack of space. Almost every single wardrobe we assembled at this property had to be assembled standing up. That process usually requires 2 people and is generally more difficult.

As you can see in the picture below we assembled 2 double wardrobes combined into one with massive sliding doors. In other rooms, the setup was a bit different. Other rooms had a corner unit each and consisted of 2 double wardrobes and 2 single ones all combined and connected into one with 6 doors each.

One thing worth noting is that the doors were not pre-drilled for some reason so we had to decide where the handles will go, measure and drill carefully and finally fit the handles.

If you need help with flatpack furniture assembly in Reading, Wokingham and surrounding areas then please get in touch.

For larger jobs like this one where your furniture costs over £3k we can charge our standard daily rate instead which works out a bit cheaper for you. Unfortunately, we cannot say how long the job will take because every home is different.

Main time wasting factor when it comes to furniture assembly is the lack of space. In this particular instance, we were presented with over 40 boxes in one massive room – trying to locate the box you need wasn’t easy and those are some of the things that eat up our time.

flatpack wardrobe assembly in Wokingham


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