Bunk bed assembly in Goring & Streatley

bunk bed assembly in Goring

Flat packed Sky White Bunk Bed from Furniture123 assembled in Goring & Streatley. The bed itself feels sturdy and looks nice. The ladder is nice and wide making it safer to climb up and down, it also has glow in dark strips which kids love. It has a shelf on each bunk and they are great for storing all your children’s bits and bobs.

The instructions say 2 people, 2 hours which is VERY optimistic, to say the least. Our handyman managed to do it in less than three hours without any extra help. If you are going to assemble this flatpack bunk bed without any professional help then we can say it will take you around 5 hours to complete the assembly process. Use a battery powered drill/driver with hex bits or you will never finish it if you do it manually with an Allen key.

Just give us a call or use the website to contact our handyman team and arrange a professional furniture assembly service in Reading and surrounding areas.

One thing we noticed is that all the slats are covered in fine wood sawdust so you might want to clean them properly before you install them and before you put the mattresses in.

Bunk bed assembly service from Reading Handyman

Bunk bed assembly services offer professional expertise in assembling bunk beds quickly and efficiently. Experienced handyman will follow manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines to ensure sturdy and secure construction. We bring our own tools and equipment, saving customers time and hassle. With attention to detail, we assemble bunk beds with precision, providing peace of mind to customers and creating a safe and functional sleeping space for children or guests.

Reading Handyman Services also assemble trampolines, sheds, sports equipment and much more. Feel free to contact us if you need help with anything.

Location: Goring & Streatly
Service: Flatpack Furniture Assembly

bunk bed assembly in Goring


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