IKEA Stuva Childern’s Room Furniture Assembly

ikea stuva busunge furniture assembly

Flat pack furniture assembly in Kennet Island, Reading. New IKEA storage and bed assembled for a little princess. All storage pieces pictured below are from IKEA’s Stuva range. (Pictures don’t do it justice – it looks amazing in real life.) The bed (BUSUNGE range) is extendable which to our knowledge only IKEA makes/sells so far.

You can extend this bed to fit any single size mattress. We assembled it to fit a toddler size mattress. This particular bed can is extendable to around two metres to keep up with your growing child – you will just need a bigger mattress when the bed becomes too short.

Reading Handyman offers fast and professional flat pack furniture assembly services in Reading and surrounding areas. If your furniture is flat-packed we’ll assemble it. It will only cost you £25 + 20% of the full retail value. Contact us today

Location: Kennet Island, Reading
Handyman Service: Flatpack Assembly

ikea stuva busunge furniture assembly


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