IKEA Stuva Childern’s Room Furniture Assembly

ikea stuva busunge furniture assembly

Flat pack furniture assembly in Kennet Island, Reading. New IKEA storage and bed assembled for a little princess. All storage pieces pictured below are from IKEA’s Stuva range. (Pictures don’t do it justice – it looks amazing in real life.) The bed (BUSUNGE range) is extendable which to our knowledge only IKEA makes/sells so far.

You can extend this bed to fit any single size mattress. We assembled it to fit a toddler size mattress. This particular bed can is extendable to around two metres to keep up with your growing child – you will just need a bigger mattress when the bed becomes too short.

Reading Handyman offers fast and professional flat pack furniture assembly services in Reading and surrounding areas. If your furniture is flat-packed we’ll assemble it. It will only cost you £25 + 20% of the full retail value. Contact us today

IKEA Stuva Assembly

The IKEA Stuva range offers versatile and functional storage solutions for children’s rooms. Featuring a variety of modular units such as wardrobes, drawers, and desks, Stuva allows customization to suit individual needs and space requirements. With its modern design and durable construction, Stuva furniture combines style with practicality, providing ample storage space for toys, clothes, and books while maintaining a clean and organized environment for children to thrive.

Location: Kennet Island, Reading
Handyman Service: Flatpack Assembly

ikea stuva busunge furniture assembly


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