Keter Apex 8×6 plastic shed assembly in Caversham

keter apex shed assembly

This Keter Apex 8×6 plastic shed was recently assembled by Reading Handyman in Caversham, Reading. A property owner has already demolished his old shed and created a fairly flat base for this new shed. He stored all of his tools and equipment in a popup gazebo next to it to keep them safe before the new shed arrives and is assembled. The total shed assembly time is around 4h for one person.  If you do decide to assemble it on your own there will be a point where you will need someone’s help for 5 minutes just to hold the roof panels down whilst you secure them from the inside – everything else can be done by one person.

About Keter shed assembly

Keter shed assembly involves following clear instructions and utilizing basic tools. With its snap-together design, assembly is relatively straightforward, requiring minimal DIY experience. Typically made from durable plastic resin, Keter sheds offer weather-resistant storage solutions for outdoor spaces. Proper assembly ensures structural integrity and functionality, providing a secure and organized storage space for garden tools, equipment, and other items.

Keter Apex shed assembly service

If you are thinking of buying this shed then you should know a few things about it.

  • It is paramount that the shed is put on a levelled solid base.
  • Paving stones can be used instead of a solid concrete base.
  • If your base is not levelled you will not be able to interlock all the side panels properly.
  • These Keter Apex sheds are only tested at wind speeds of up to 47mph. Therefore unless in a sheltered place, they will blow away in high winds if left empty – so make sure you fill it up with some heavy objects if you don’t want to find your shed in your neighbours garden one day after a storm.
  • The quality is surprisingly good, base interlocks together and it’s fairly easy to assemble.
  • Keter Apex shed comes flat packed in two heavy boxes, both are approx 6ft by 3 ft and 7 inches deep. Quite weighty although no individual part is too heavy on its own. I would recommend you take all the parts and lay them on the ground before you start.
  • Side window can be installed on any side. In this particular case, the client wanted it to be on the right-hand side.

Also note while good torque electric screwdriver/power drill is not strictly required, it’s pretty much essential – because you will have to drive a lot (~100) of various screws, many without pre-drilled holes
If you need help with shed & furniture assembly then contact your local handyman today. We’ll get your shed assembled in no time.

Reading Handyman also assembles flatpack furniture, sheds, trampolines, play houses, sports equipment and more

keter apex shed assembly


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